Saturday, April 28, 2018

I'll be back on it soon

I've been neglecting the Codemonkey Sit! project for quite some time now, the reason being that my work sucks and I'm always busy and stressed. But no more, I quit. It'll be a new adventure, I'm going to fly solo. Well, solo means my wife an I are going to do freelance work. She is a developer and I'm a systems engineer and we want to build a business  selling our decades of expertise to whom might need it.

The idea though is to have more time for myself, so I might come back here more often. I'd like to write blog posts about my homelab projects and about other stuff I care about.

For instance the HPE Microserver I was talking in an earlier post, our homelab NAS  server, has been upgraded to 16GB and a new shiny CPU -i3-3220T. It would have been nice to have a blog post about it with all the pictures and stuff.

Another cool thing is that I migrated our home firewall form PfSense to USG. Most of our network was already managed by the Unifi controller -AP's, Switches- and as I'm a big fan of it I decided to give the USG a try. Even though it is less versatile then PfSense it is pretty awesome especially considering how easy it is to set up.

Another thing I would have liked to "review" is our new 4G Internet connection. 

I personally am a big fan of wired Internet, fiber optic being the best thing, but we live in a place where the fastest wired Internet is ADSL2. That means 20Mbit/s download, if you live like beside the DSLAM cabinet, and 1Mbit/s upload. We are more along the line of 15Mbit download but what is really bothering us is the ridiculous upload speed.

What we were doing until recently was to have two ADSL2, balancing them to have, sorta, double the bandwidth. Suffice to to say that we were not really satisfied of the result even though it worked just fine for a long time.

A month ago though a coworker introduced me to the idea of using one of those new services that are popping up recently that give you almost-flat 4G Internet connection. I was pretty skeptical because I've been burned before with hyperlan bullcarp. So I waited until one of these providers offered a contract that you can cancel when you want, a la Netflix more or less. It's been a month now an our 4G Internet is looking pretty good so far. Speeds are not incredible but a decisive step forward compared to ADSL2. 

On average 20Mbit/s download and 10Mbit/s upload is pretty sweet from where I'm standing.

Anyways. This is fun and I'd like to do it more often. Seen you soon.

Note: My wife is not around, I mean, she's out of the country with my daughter visiting relatives and she's the English native speaker, so I don't have the luxury of having her reviewing my writing right now, cut me some slack. Also I don't really want to obsessively reread this post. I'll try to do better in the future. Promised. :) 

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